South African Public Health Preventative Medicine Association

Scope of practice for public health medicine specialists

Following competencies for a Public health medicine/ Community health specialist are listed in the regulation for the Fellowship Examination of the College of Public Health Medicine of South Africa:

  1. Be able to describe, explain, quantify and prioritise health risks facing individuals, communities and society, at home, at work, at leisure and in transit.
  2. Be able to explain, quantify and prioritise the health and health service needs of individuals, communities and society: at home, at work, at leisure and in transit
  3. Be able to explain, quantify and analyse the nature, pattern and quality of health services provided for, and demanded by, individuals, communities and society, including recommendations for an appropriate, acceptable and affordable level of service provision that is effective, efficient and equitable
  4. Be able to design and implement quality assured, effective, efficient, equitable, affordable and acceptable interventions to reduce, eliminate, or ameliorate the health risks faced by individuals and communities at work, at home, at leisure and in transit.

As any other medical specialists, they are also expected to actively involved in clinical care of patients.

The Society aims to work closely with the College of Public Health Medicine of South Africa to create a Scope of Practice for Public Health Medicine Specialists in South Africa.

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