Ranieri Guerra

Ranieri Guerra, MD, was in the role of Science and Technology Attaché at the Embassy of Italy, Washington, D.C. until recently, when he was appointed Director General of Preventive Health and Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health of Italy. Dr. Guerra is also the former Director of URE, External Relations Office, the President’s cabinet for the Istituto Superiori di Sanità, the National Institute of Health of Italy in Rome. His role at ISS included management activities on Health system reform, equity and impact assessment, capacity building and institutional development at central and intermediate level (MoH, subnational) especially in public-private systems. He ha significant experiences dedicated to the integration of NGOs’ participation in national health programmes, monitoring and evaluation of health activities, epidemiological research applied to health system management, strategic planning, telematics in health, health systems design and appraisal, training in public health, multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS responses and poverty diseases within national frameworks, poverty reduction strategies programme’s development, Health projects appraisal and performance based assessment, quality, certification and accreditation of health institutions, continuing medical education. Dr. Guerra has published widely on health strategies topics and has pre-formed an intensive working experience in many developing and transitional Countries. Since 2000, Dr. Guerra has worked as a consultant and team leader for UNICEF, UNDP, WHO and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on projects in Palestine, Eritrea, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Swaziland, and China.